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I went jogging out at this trail the other day… so much better than the treadmill.

Gym today

  • 10 minute warmup walk on treadmill
  • chest + triceps + a little bit of shouders
  • 1 mile in 9:59 on treadmill

Might not be much to some of you, but I’m pretty sure that’s the fastest mile I’ve ran. I sweat my butt off!

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3.61 miles

Look at my daily mile counter on my page to the left… that’s right, I’ve officially reached 100 miles!  :D

I found a pretty good route today, I just wish it was longer. I also found out today that the way I’ve been wearing my hair is killing it. I’ve been wrapping it up in a high bun on top of my head and it’s been causing my hear to break and snap towards the back of my neck, so yeah.. low ponytails from here on out.
Oh, anddd I hurt my right ankle somehow during.. but I have this nifty compression thing on it now and it’s helping.

Today’s stats

(8.14 minute warm up walk): 0.45 miles
47.17 minute run:
3.61 miles
(4 minute cool down walk): 0.19 miles

Running total: 3.61 miles
Walking total: 0.64 miles
All together: 4.25 miles

Running average pace: 13.07 min/mile
Average speed: 4.58

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5.15 miles!

  • My feet are killing me.
  • Need new shoes asap.
  • I am exhausted.
  • beat my record for furthest distance in a week.
  • ran further than I have before.
  • also did 30 day shred level 2 day 1 before my run.

Today’s stats

(4.07 minute warm up walk): 0.24 miles
49.05 minute run:
3.50 miles
5.02 minute walk: 0.25 miles
24.53 minute run: 1.65 miles
(16.30 minute cool down walk): 0.81 miles

Running total: 5.15 miles
Walking total: 1.3 miles
All together: 6.45 miles

Running average pace: 14.02 min/mile
Average speed: 4.28

If this girl is running across the United States barefoot and alone, I think we all can manage to get off our asses and go run a few miles.


3.10 miles

I was finally able to go for a run. I didn’t go at my usual time (when the sun is going down), so it was really hot. I brought water with me to drink or pour on myself when I felt like I was overheating.  I got side cramps and had to stop to walk two times for about a minute and a half each time. My pace and speed were slightly slower, but I haven’t ran in about a week, and it was in the middle of the day Florida weather.. so yeah. I’m not too worried about it. I’m just glad I finally got to go.
OH.. I also did 30 day shred before my run, and some yoga.

Today’s stats

(4.30 minute warm up walk): 0.26 miles
42.21 minute run:
3.10 miles
(9.04 minute cool down walk): 0.47 miles

Running total: 3.10 miles
Walking total: 0.73 miles
All together: 3.83 miles

Running average pace: 13.41 min/mile
Average speed: 4.39

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