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couch to 5k - week 9 - day 3

9 weeks, done. (Well, probably over 9 weeks, since I did a few repeat days here and there, but yeah). You know when I said how some days suck and I’m checking the time every minute to see how much longer I have? Today was one of those days. I think it was because it’s the middle of the day, the sun beating down on me. I had to walk for 20 seconds after the first mile because I was feeling sick to my stomach. But after that I was able to push through.

So now that I’ve finished the official program and I’m (usually) able to run for 30 minutes straight, I’m moving on to the couch to 5k for distance. Week 10 - run 2.5 miles. I’m looking forward to the new challenges.

Today’s stats

(4.24 minute warm up walk): 0.23 miles
30 minute run:
2.25 miles
(6.14 minute cooldown walk): 0.31 miles

Running total: 2.25 miles
Walking total: 0.54 miles
All together: 2,79 miles

Running average pace: 13.18 min/mile
Average speed: 4.51 mph

couch to 5k - week 9 - day 2

AHHHH! I beat another personal record today: furthest distance. I’m almost at 2.5 miles! I was so excited when I saw that. I could’ve kept going, but I was past 30 minutes already. I figured I would save it for my last day of this week, the last day of the program.

I have ONE DAY left in the couch to 5k program. Then I’ll be continuing onto my own version, what I’ll call part 2. It is so crazy how I went from having trouble running a minute and a half straight to being able to run 30+ minutes straight. It just really puts things into perspective.

I love today. I had a great speed and pace. It was a bit chilly and my nose was running and my allergies got to me towards the end, but it was all worth it.

Today’s stats

(5.20 minute warm up walk): 0.30 miles
30.06 minute run:
2.45 miles
(7.52 minute cooldown walk): 0.37 miles

Running total: 2.45 miles
Walking total: 0.67 miles
All together: 3.12 miles!

Running average pace: 12.17 min/mile
Average speed: 4.88 mph

couch to 5k update

I’ve decided that after I finish day 3 of week 9, I’m going to switch over to doing the program for distance instead of time.

I’m going to continue with what I’m going to call week 10 (even though its actually week 7 of the program, it will be week 10 for me).

Week 10 will be to run 2.5 miles without stopping. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me, I’m going to guess 33-36 minutes. The furthest I’ve ran so far is 2.33 miles.

So, I have two more days in week 9 and I’ll be on to week 10. (:

couch to 5k - week 9 - day 1

Finally started week 9, the last week in the program… :D! I took two days off to let my body recover a little. I had a sore throat and stuff the past week or so and when I told my doctor on Wednesday, he told me it was Pharyngitis. So I started some antibiotics and I felt good enough to go today.

Broke my previous record for furthest distance. It was 2.30, but now it’s 2.33. It’s only 0.3 miles, but Ill take it. :)

Right knee hurt when I stopped running, but after walking for a few minutes it went away. My phone died during my cool down walk and didn’t save last info, so its my best guess.

Today’s stats

(4.20 minute warm up walk): 0.24 miles
30.15 minute run:
2.33 miles
(6 minute cooldown walk): 0.8 miles

Running total: 2.33 miles
Walking total: 0.32 miles
All together: 2.65 miles!

Running average pace: 12.59 min/mile
Average speed: 4.62 mph

couch to 5k - week 8 - day 5

Repeated another day in week 8. I felt like I needed it.

I still can’t believe I’ve kept up with it this long. A few months ago I would see pictures on tumblr about running, or see people running on the street, and think how I wish I could do that, and how I thought it was impossible for me. Now here I am, pushing myself through every run. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it sucks, sometimes I go slow and sometimes I can go fast. Sometimes it seems like it went by quick, other times I’m checking the time every minute to see how much longer I have. The point is that I’m still going. And I don’t plan on stopping.

I had a good pace and speed today :) It started raining towards the end of my run, which felt soo good but at the same time I was worried about ruining my cellphone so I couldn’t really enjoy it. My right knee is hurting. Maybe it was because I was running weird since I was trying to hold my cellphone under my shirt so it wouldn’t get wet, idk. I was feeling the burn again today too. I think its because I’m pushing myself a little more faster and harder lately. But I made it.

I downloaded a few calorie tracking apps to help me keep track of what I’m eating. I tried calorie counter and myfitnesspal. I already used myfitnesspal online, so that what I’m going to stick with. I like how it tells me how many calories I have remaining and whatnot. The barscan feature is really cool too.

Today’s stats

(4.22 minute warm up walk): 0.23 miles
28.19 minute run:
2.26 miles
(3 minute cooldown walk): 0.16 miles

Running total: 2.26miles
Walking total: 0.39 miles
All together: 2.65 miles!

Running average pace: 12.32 min/mile
Average speed: 4.79 mph

couch to 5k - week 8 - day 4

I repeated a day in week 8 bc I lost track of where I was at..oops.

Today felt good though. I was feeling the burn from not being very active the past few days. -___- AND my GPS was kind of wonky because it was really cloudy out today. My phone was trying to say I only ran 1.98 miles, which I knew was wrong. I got home and adjusted the map and it corrected itself.

Today I broke my previous record for furthest distance in a week. Last week was 6.3 miles, this week is 7.4. :D I love the app I use, it sends me emails whenever I break my previous records. It’s encouraging (; It’s called RunKeeper. You can also go to runkeeper.com and enter in the information manually if you don’t have a phone that does apps.

Today’s stats

(4.15 minute warm up walk)
: 0.17 miles
28 minute jog:
~2.30 miles
(11.08 minute cooldown walk): 0.49 miles

Running total: 2.30 miles
Walking total: 0.66 miles
All together: 2.96 miles!

Running average pace: 11.48 min/mile
Average speed: 5.09 mph

couch to 5k - week 8 - day 3

I’m posting this late. I haven’t been on the computer much the past few days.

I took this run easy. I’ve been pushing myself too hard lately to go further and further, and I just wanted to enjoy the run.

2/1/12 stats

(4.04 minute warm up walk): 0.24 miles
28.05 minute run:
2.16 miles
(8.51 minute cooldown walk): 0.29 miles

Running total: 2.16 miles
Walking total: 0.53 miles
All together: 2.69 miles!

Running average pace: 13.00 min/mile
Average speed: 4.62 mph

couch to 5k - week 8 - day 2

So. Tired.

I tried to go running with my boyfriend this morning, but I didn’t wait long enough after we ate breakfast and I started cramping. I didn’t want to push myself and keep going like I normally would if I were by myself… so we went back to his house. When I went home after that and tried again, no more stomach cramps. I was just exhausted. Probably from the sun. I need to start going earlier or later when the suns not as bad.
I layed out and got some sun after wards, and right now I’m watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding (the movie), to try to stay awake. x_x

im so tired I don’t know what else to write about… blah.

Today’s stats

first attempt at running-
warmup walk - .23 miles
about 9 or so minutes jogging - .75 miles
cool down walk - didn’t measure it :/

second run-
(4.15 minute warm up walk)
: 0.23 miles
29.38 minute jog:
2.23 miles
(9.31 minute cooldown walk): 0.51 miles

Running total: 2.98 miles
Walking total: 0.97 miles
All together: 3.95 miles!

Running average pace: 13.17 min/mile
Average speed: 4.52 mph

couch to 5k - week 8 - day 1

I’m a little confused. When I’ve reached my 25 minutes and see I’m not at a distance I was before, I want to keep going. & I find that I can keep going, so I do. So I guess I just needed to repeat that one day, and now I’m on to week 8.

You can choose to either do the couch to 5k program by time or distance. I was thinking I had to be doing both, and running 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. That’s if you’re running a mile in 10 minutes…. and I’m not quite there yet. So I’m going to stick to running for time. After I finish the program and I’m able to go 30 minutes, then I’ll worry about speeding things up. Right now I just need to build my endurance.

Anyway, today was good! A little bit of cramping on my upper right side about halfway through, but it went away when I finished.

Two personal records today: farthest distance, and the most miles I’ve ran in one week (which is 6.3 miles). Woooo!

Today’s stats

(4.29 minute warm up walk): 0.25 miles
28.02 minute jog:
2.22 miles
(10 minute cooldown walk): 0.42 miles

Running total: 2.22 miles
Walking total: 0.67 miles
All together: 2.89 miles!

Running average pace: 12.38 min/mile!
Average speed: 4.75 mph

couch to 5k - week 7 - day 4

I’ve decided I’m going to “repeat" or continue another week of week 7, which is running for 25 minutes. I might continue with it  next week as well. Running the 25 minutes has been a challenge for me, but it is getting easier. However, I want to get up to speed before continuing on to the next goal.

That being said, today was awesome! I can feel the runs getting easier, going by faster. I’m running farther and faster each time. The route that used to seem so long to me seems like it’s getting shorter and shorter.

A word of advice: research what shoe type you need before you start running. I didn’t really know what to go for a few months ago and I bought some light weight nikes. I’ve found these have been hard on my ankles since there isn’t much cushioning. Instead of going out and buying a new pair of shoes I just bought a $3 pair of gel inserts, and it seems to do the trick.

After I ran I put my bikini on and got some sun. Then took a shower, had dinner, and I’m about ready to pass out.

Today’s stats

(5 minute warm up walk): 0.28 miles
25.02 minute jog:
2.10 miles
(4.30 minute cooldown walk): 0.33 miles

Running total: 2.10 miles
Walking total: 0.61 miles
All together: 2.71 miles!

Running average pace: 11.57 min/mile!
Average speed: 5.02 mph

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